LIST to SELL                                                               
Because I focus my real estate business in Sun City Aliante I can offer YOU unique local insight and exceptional service.  Here's what I will do to help YOU sell your home…
  • Preview your home and answer your questions about our Sun City Market and the listing process. After all your questions are answered and you feel comfortable and confident that I can sell your home we will enter into an agreement to market your home locally, nationally and internationally.
  • During the listing process, we will stay in contact with YOU about the market and our results. 
  • Help you with your closing costs.
  • Prepared a number of items for our review: Tax Records.   SID records.  Etc.
  • A Comparative Market Analysis.   Recent sales of similar homes are key to determine your market price.  Because of my LOCAL knowledge, I also look at the location, SID, model, golf lot, view, upgrades, fence or wall.
  • Recommended List Price.  Well maintained homes priced at or slightly above market will generate the most immediate interest.  Homes priced too high over market tend to linger.
  • Estimate YOUR Proceeds.    Sellers costs include commission, HOA Documents, HOA Demand, Owners title policy, escrow fee, loan payoff.   Buyers costs include lenders title policy, escrow fee, lenders fees, down payment, appraisal fee, inspection fee.  Negotiable costs include HOA transfer,  HOA Capital fee, Nevada Transfer Tax, Repairs and sellers contribution to buyers closing costs.      
MY COMMITMENT TO YOU                                                                        
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Nevada Properties and I are committed to offering you the highest standards of professional service to EXCEED your expectations.                                  

My Objectives are TO:                                                                     
  • Assist you in presenting your home to as many qualified buyers as possible.       
  • Communicate with you the results of our activities.       
  • Help you negotiate the highest dollar value for your home.
  • Assure YOUR property is marketed to its fullest potential and to obtain the highest possible market value:
    • Schedule a  Professional Photographer for photos and a virtual tour of YOUR home.  My photographer now offers high-quality high definition photos.   I invest in professional photos for all homes, not just for the expensive ones.   We also have Aerial photos of Sun City Aliante.
    • Order our powerful BHHS NV Properties for sale sign with color coordinated riders, quality post, and brochure box.  I keep the brochure box stocked with color flyers including your quality photos and CUSTOM floor plan.

Work with you to describe your home and prepare a CUSTOM floor plan highlighting your home's features.  This will go on my Web Site, the MLS and on the back of your flyers.
Create your home's unique page on my web site including your photos, description and custom floor plan.  eBlast a COMING SOON flyer.  Preview your home in my weekly office meeting.           
Place your COMPLETE listing in our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) including the professional photos and your custom floor plan.  Your home now gets broadcast to Agents, & Buyers Locally, Nationally and Internationally.    To sites like Zillow, Trulia, and  THE ABOVE HOME GOT MORE ZILLOW VIEWS THAN OTHERS IN SUN CITY WHILE IT WAS AVAILABLE.                           
I prefer to order our sign, flyers and professional photos BEFORE we put the listing in the MLS.  This investment by me for you pays dividends by generating maximum exposure and interest on day one.