Why did this home sell when many others lingered on the market?  

With the current economic slowdown and fewer homes getting offers it is important to Price Right and Market Well.  Determine price by comparing similar recently sold homes adjusted by location, condition, and upgrades.  Market virtually using professional high-quality, high definition photographs, two-sided flyers with key pictures, descriptions, and a custom floor plan to highlight unique features.   This home got more Zillow views than others in the community.  Here are some excerpts from the flyer that highlights this home's features.

Many homes in Sun City Aliante are overpriced.  

Most homes that sell are near market price as determined by the sale price of similar homes adjusted by location, condition, and upgrades.  Most homes that linger are priced unrealistically higher than their market price.  

 The Sun City Aliante market is stable!

20 homes are for sale on May 13th. 14-15 are closing per month.  The economic slowdown does not seem to be affecting Seniors as much as others.   Well maintained, well priced, well-marketed homes may receive offers quickly.  Poorly maintained, overpriced or under-marketed homes tend to linger.